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Study at St Andrews progress report: 6 February

Today’s update comes courtesy of Carley!

Course search reskin

Lewis has been polishing his design to reskin the course search section of the website. It’s looking really good – particularly the use of ‘St Andrews blue’ which we haven’t incorporated into the Study at St Andrews website. We hope to have this design finalised and over to the people who need to see it tomorrow.

Postgraduate section

Today I have been working my way through the postgraduate section, making content edits and changing page styling where appropriate. Other than adding PG specific call to actions, this section is close to being finished. We know the PG team in Admissions are looking at the images used in the next prospectus, and hope to incorporate some of these into the design. However, it’s yet to be determined whether this will be part of phase 1 or phase 2.

Postgraduate scholarships

Duncan has been migrating the many postgraduate scholarship pages into the new scholarship design. This appears to all be going well. We also discussed (again) today how to show the PG scholarships information on the main PG scholarships page – domicile and then taught/research or taught/research and then domicile. It’s all thrilling stuff here!

Responding to feedback

Yesterday and this morning I went through all of the wonderful feedback which has been provided by staff in registry and admissions. This has been so helpful – from notification of broken links through to pointers towards University policy about things such as the requirements of achieving a distinction in the General Degree! Please continue letting us know if you come across any strange happenings on the Alpha website. You can see the current feedback and our responses in this helpful Google spreadsheet.

Making the site visible in the search engines

This afternoon, Duncan and I also had a short chat about changing the page titles and headings on certain pages to ensure they appear in the search results when students Google for them. The biggest issue is when we have two fairly similar pages for UG and PG – such as visiting days and scholarships. Due to this, we think we will change some page titles and headings to ‘Postgraduate visiting days’ or ‘Undergraduate scholarships’ so that users who are looking for information which is specifically relevant to them will find it on the first page they land on within the Study at St Andrews website.

Think that’s all for today!


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