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Study at St Andrews progress report: 7 February

Content migration — postgraduate scholarships

I have been continuing to migrate postgraduate scholarships into the new website. A few issues have emerged, which we will hope to sort out in the next couple of weeks.

We have also been working on tidying up the rest of the content and navigation menus in the postgraduate fees and funding section.

Media library files

Media library spreadsheet

Carley has begun creating a spreadsheet outlining what needs to be done in the next few weeks in terms of documents uploaded to the media library. We would like to do an audit on media library files, give them consistent filenames and a clearer structure in time for the website relaunch.

Content inventory

In a similar vein, in the next few weeks we will create a new ‘content inventory’ spreadsheet. This will contain information about every page on the new website. This document will hopefully allow us to track content more easily, keeping tabs on content review dates, content owners, appropriate calls to action and so on.

Course search reskin

Lewis has been continuing to work on the reskin of the course search section. We will be meeting with colleagues in IT Services next week to discuss what can be implemented and when.

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