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Study at St Andrews progress report: 10 and 11 February

Undergraduate content

I completed the webpage for the Undergraduate Prospectus.

I then began going through the Undergraduate section, sprucing it up, fixing broken links, uploading media library files and adding contact details.

It feels polishing a table. Each time we go through a section like this we make it a bit more shiny. Hopefully it will all be shiny by the beginning of March!

Postgraduate scholarships content

Carley is working on the final pages of postgraduate scholarships content. We had just last week discovered some content that would not have been consistent with the rest of the content, so we have been working to standardise and tidy it up.

Design tweaks

I updated the CSS file to include a couple of design tweaks relating to media library items’ file type and file size, which is output by the content management system. In body text it now appears at a slightly reduced font size. In calls to action, it is now not displayed at all.

Scholarships database

The Lean team gave us a surprise visit to chat with us about the upcoming scholarships database.

Just now, scholarships information will be part of the Study at St Andrews website, but all the content still has to be manually updated in TerminalFour Site Manager.

The aspiration is for there to be a database of scholarships that will enable us to pull in the data for display on webpages.

This would be a really great step forward, and we are pleased to be given the opportunity to be involved in this project from the early stages.

Course search

Lewis and I met with colleagues from the web team and the application development team to discuss what we can achieve in terms of reskinning course search in time for the March deadline.

This felt like a very positive meeting. We are aiming to have a good interim solution in place so that the courses section will have a very similar look and feel to the Study at St Andrews website, thereby improving the user experience.

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