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Study at St Andrews progress report: 12 February

A quick update from Carley today!

Content updates

Duncan has been working hard on content tweaks and updates across the site. It feels like we’re getting closer to something which we’re happy launching with, which is good as we move into a beta launch phase next week.

Why St Andrews

This section has always been (in our heads, at least) one of the sections in which we can really push the USP’s of studying at St Andrews – traditions, student life etc. One of the ways we have been doing this is to add images into the text – it’s looking great.

Updated navigation bar

Another edit from today has been an edit to the main navigation bar of the website. We’ve made two changes – one removal, and one new addition. See if you can work out what we’ve changed!

Flexible learning

Today, I have been working on the new flexible study page which has been created after a great WAC session back in December and a meeting with Mike Johnson. Effectively, this section will now inform users that anyone can take a stand-alone UG module that the University offers. I think Lewis already has his heart set on MU2004 – Electronic Music!

Additional scholarships

I have also completed updating the copy for the additional scholarships pages that Duncan mentioned back in this post. These pages have now also been updated in T4, and we have a meeting with the Finance team next week to discuss what to do with them going forwards.


Thanks again to everyone who has been leaving feedback – particularly content typos, broken links and factual inconsistencies. I have been working my way through the feedback form and making changes as necessary – please also feel free to email us on if you have more detailed comments.

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