Social media guidelines update

The University of St Andrews aims to use social media to inspire, challenge and engage with our audience. As well as the official University accounts, many Schools, Departments, professional units, research centres, societies and sports clubs have affiliated social media accounts.

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New social media training courses

The digital communications team are launching two new social media training courses as part of a refresh to the digital visa. ‘An introduction to social media for beginners’ and ‘Developing a social media strategy’ will replace the previously offered social media basics course.

The new courses have been created in response to feedback which showed that the basics course was too broad for the range of skills and abilities of the people who have previously attended the course.

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Scheduling social media posts

Graduation week is always one of the busiest and most important times of the year for the digital communications team and our colleagues across Corporate Communications. Both the University website and the social media channels see a significant increase in traffic, as students and their friends and family look for information and updates about their graduation.

In the weeks running up to graduation and during the week itself, we use our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels more than ever. With only two designated members of staff within Corporate Communications to deal with social media, the biggest challenge is getting engaging content out in time, while still doing all the other work our jobs entail.

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Writing long-forms as a team

As you may already know, the digital communications team have recently redeveloped the University’s research webpages. Alongside a new homepage, the research showcase page highlights the range of research taking place at St Andrews. As part of this project, the content team were tasked to create two new research focused long-forms, focusing on coastal erosion and dementia communication techniques.

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What not to post on social media

What type of content should you be sharing on social media? Generally, images and videos perform better than plain text, but there are no set rules. What might work well for one publisher might not work as well for another. It all depends on your audience; that is why it is important to research your audience demographics as part of your social media strategy. However, there are some forms of content which are best to avoid: Continue reading “What not to post on social media”

How we promote our long-form stories

Are you familiar with the Stories section on the University website? The digital communications team have been creating long-forms since 2015 with the purpose of showcasing the University’s research, history and student experience. Stories from 2017 have included Breaking bonds and What’s bad about being good?

Featuring in a long-form is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of your story to a wider audience and get prominent coverage on the University website and social media channels. Part of every long-form strategy is to build a communications plan to ensure that we share your story with as many people as possible.

So how do we promote a long-form?

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Paying to post – advertising on Facebook

It is estimated that in 2017, nearly 36 billion USD will be spent on social network advertising. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for advertising online after Google, and with adverts appearing naturally in a user’s feed you might have already engaged with a post not realising that it was, in fact, an advert. Over the past couple of months, I have worked with Development, Admissions and the School of Medicine to run various Facebook adverts from the University’s official Facebook account.

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New team member

Hello, it is nice to meet you! My name is John and I am the newest member of the digital communication team. I joined the team on Monday 5 June as the new social media and web content editor. I might be new to the University of St Andrews, but I am already familiar with the town as I grew up in Glenrothes and my family still live there today. Continue reading “New team member”