Web designer within the University of St Andrews digital communications team. A graduate of Abertay University (BA Hons Computer Arts, 2012), Lewis joined the digital communications team in 2013 during the re-design of the admissions website which lead to the new visual design for the University website. Lewis is a jack of all trades when it comes to design and media. You'll mainly find him burrowed in the depths of Photoshop meticulously crafting designs to pixel perfection.

Calling all web developers!

The digital communications team is seeking an experienced Web Developer to maintain and support web services notably where changes need to be made to coding and other infrastructure elements.

Already convinced? Apply for this position online today! Closing date is Monday 27 November 2017.

About you

Here’s a list of things we’re looking for in our newest colleague:

  • Specialist. Your technical knowledge and recommendations on web management best practice will focus our informed decision making.
  • Team player. You’ll deputise for the development team lead when he’s not available.
  • Creator. Design and build a range of digital services with a primary focus on websites, intranet, and web applications.
  • Level-headed and cool. You’ll be the voice of reason in a crisis.
  • Advisor. Where appropriate, training or instructions to internal customers on web technologies.
  • Have an active ear to the ground on new and emerging technologies and methodologies.
  • Drive and ambition. The St Andrews motto is ‘ever to excel’ and it’s an idea we’re all committed to.

About us

The digital communications team at St Andrews is a varied band of digital experts. We’re passionate about improving the experience of our users, whether they’re prospective students or local community, academic researchers or visitors to the town. We’re united in our commitment to design by data and rigorous and regular testing. We’re the ones that come up with new ideas, prototype them, test them, iterate upon them, code them, launch them and then make them better. We’re fast-moving and proactive in our approach.

Currently a team of nine, you’ll be sitting alongside a designer, numerous developers, a project manager and a team of content editors. You can find out more about the team on the about page of this blog.

Digital communications sits within the department of Corporate Communications, so we help with everything from breaking University news to communicating with colleagues across the institution.

Our work

This is an exciting time to be joining the digital communications team. Over the last two years, we’ve relaunched the University home page, built a whole new section about the University, created micro-sites for graduation and orientation, created a whole set of policies and guidance in the digital service manual, and launched a digital prospectus with a subject focus.

In the coming months, we have a number of projects lined up which will complete our external website project – meaning that all pages for external users on the core website will be in our new style and using our digital standards.

We’re excited to be bringing a new member of staff into the team and we look forward to working with our new colleague soon.


If you’ve got any questions about the role, feel free to drop any informal enquiries to Carley Hollis (ch432@st-andrews.ac.uk) or Stephen Evans (sde1@st-andrews.ac.uk). Otherwise, applications are open, and we’re looking forward to meeting some of you in December!

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