Displaying WordPress content within TerminalFour

The following article is intended to provide a technical overview for an administrator of T4 with access to their community extranet site.

One of the current team objectives is to amalgamate a number of research related blogs into one centralised WordPress blog. The University’s research pages within the main website (published by T4) are to work in conjunction with the WordPress blog. The main website is to highlight significant blogposts, directing interested users to the blog in order to view the full article.

Some of our key considerations in resolving this problem are as follows:

  • The solution will need to provide WordPress users with a simple method for flagging blogposts to be displayed on T4.
  • The process will automatically update T4, avoiding the need to manually duplicate content.
  • The solution must not have a significantly negative impact on the time it takes to publish the main website.
  • Ideally, the approach will have some inbuilt redundancy, so that T4 pages can still be rendered even if the connection to WordPress should fail.
  • The solution should be generic so that it can be reused in other projects.

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New team member

Hi, my name is Nick. On 15 January, I became the latest member to join the digital communications team. As a web developer, it will be my job to support the delivery of the University’s web projects and to assist in the maintenance of the University’s websites.

I am joining the team from Fife Council, where for the past nine years I have been working as a Corporate Improvement Advisor (Web Developer / Project Manager) within their Customer Solutions team. Throughout my time at the Council, I enjoyed a diverse role that included web programming, project planning and process analysis. The focus of my role was to extend the functionality of the Council’s content management systems to enable the council to provide more public services online.

Before moving to Fife, I lived in Dundee where I studied Internet Communications and Web Design at the University of Abertay. I enjoyed studying for my degree, it left me with a passion for learning and self-development.

I haven’t always worked within web development. My first move away from home was to Edinburgh to study Civil Engineering at Napier University. After graduating from Napier, I started my first career as a topographical surveyor and spent three years travelling across the UK carrying out surveys. However, I decided it was not the career for me and returned to university to study web development.

When I am not at work, I enjoy dragging my family along on hill walks and I am currently trying to learn how to ice skate. I also enjoy playing board games with my family on most Saturday nights.

I am pleased to be joining the digital communications team and look forward to contributing to the University’s digital transformation.