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Getting the content right for millennials

Millennials say the right content drives brand loyalty The headline sounds positive, but the context is that the wrong content drives young people away. This is a reminder of the challenges we face communicating with our younger users who have grown up with digital embedded in their lives. Of the respondents, nearly two-thirds (62%) said…

26 March 2015Content

A reminder of the downsides of FAQs

FAQs are the dinosaurs of web navigation Gerry McGovern outlines some of the key problems with FAQ sections on websites, including the following: If information is frequently asked for, you really ought to focus on it more in your navigation. FAQ sections are not user-centred because a user has no way of knowing if their…

23 March 2015Content

Content drives trust

Your content is a promise to your customers In another sign of how the web is changing everything, Gerry McGovern notes that Amazon has come top of a Harris reputation ranking in the US. When was the last time you ever met someone from Amazon? When was the last time you had a phone call…

14 January 2015Content

Why online is different to print

The key difference between online and print publishing Gerry McGovern highlights why creating web content requires a totally different mindset to how we are used to creating for print. …in a print world you rarely have to worry about old print content too much. Print degrades and disappears over time. That print brochure or factsheet…

29 October 2014Content

How to do digital better

9 content tips to help you build a better digital service share nine content design tips. I particularly like item 5, something I have been advocating for a while: Don’t explain the interface – improve it One of the questions in the Electoral registration service is ‘Do you also live at a second address?’.Originally,…

2 October 2014Content

Style advice from the CIA

Writing tips from the CIA’s ruthless style manual It is always fascinating to see how other organisations attempt to keep their writing consistent via their style guides. A good style guide is a mixture of common sense and the unique needs of your institution. The CIA offers everyday advice such as “prefer the forthright to…

16 September 2014Content

The web is for doing

Print is view, web is do Organisations can sometimes forget that users normally come to a website to do something. The temptation is sometimes to cover the website with glossy images or screeds of happy talk. But this all gets in the way of what the user is trying to do. If the only thing…

4 September 2014Content

Fact-driven web content

Interesting facts make webpages compelling Web users are task-driven and looking for information. They also dislike “marketese” and “happy talk” (or, as Jakob Nielsen calls it in this article, “blah-blah”). As such, it is important to keep content factual. Users are attracted to facts, so use them in your content to keep people’s attention.

26 March 2014Content

A/B test demonstrates that content is still king

One link on – 350,000 more organ donors Here is a fascinating article from the Government Digital Service about A/B testing, where different users are shown different versions of a page so that you can see which design performs the best. tested eight different versions of a call to action to join the NHS…

25 March 2014Content

Why we should use plain English

It’s not dumbing down, it’s opening up Here is another great video from the Government Digital Service, this time outlining its approach towards using plain English throughout the website. The big one, and the one I actually bet everyone in the room a million pounds they would hear, is that they’d be told they were…

10 March 2014Content