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Why we should use plain English

It’s not dumbing down, it’s opening up Here is another great video from the Government Digital Service, this time outlining its approach towards using plain English throughout the website. The big one, and the one I actually bet everyone in the room a million pounds they would hear, is that they’d be told they were…

10 March 2014Content

Eliminate happy talk

On the web, context kills, speed saves Here is an article from Gerry McGovern about one of my pet peeves, happy talk. Web users are highly task driven, and they are not interested in our content attempting to set a context. You need to find the nearest government children’s center. “Welcome to our page which…

12 February 2014Content

How web teams work, content strategy, and personas

Great web teams are highly collaborative A couple of weeks ago this newsletter featured some of the lessons learned by the Norwegian Cancer Society about how important user-centred design is for increasing their donations (rather than relying on unsubtle banner adverts that get ignored by the users). This article looks at how the same organisation…

11 December 2013Content

The importance of content

Three interesting articles about content that I have come across recently. The importance of copywriting for UX Interesting examples of poor copywriting, and why it is important to write in plain language. Respect your audience with readable content More on the importance of getting content right, and why it is so important to user-centred design.…

8 October 2013Content

Readability on the web

How users read have published their Service Design Manual, an amazingly comprehensive resource about digital service delivery. This particular section outlines the background to the Government Digital Service’s thinking when it comes to writing content. Users only really read 20-28% of a web page. With services, where users just want to complete the task…

25 July 2013Content