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Designing university websites

University websites: top 10 design guidelines This study from Nielsen Norman Group assesses higher education websites in four countries including the UK. This is very relevant to us, and I would encourage anyone involved in the University website to have a read of this. Why should universities care about usability? Aren’t students smart and computer…

11 February 2014Design

Lessons learnt from responsive design

Rolling out responsive BBC News worldwide: what have we learnt so far? This article looks at the rollout of a responsive web design for BBC News in multiple languages across the world. The experience of BBC News further underlines why it is so important to use responsive web design today: Overall, we’ve learnt that users…

7 January 2014Design

Carousels: advantages and disadvantages

This week, a series of articles about the advantages and disadvantages of carousels. We begin with a couple of articles from usability expert Jakob Nielsen. Auto-forwarding carousels and accordions annoy users and reduce visibility Carousels are often useful for organisations like Universities to use for political reasons – to get more information on prominent pages.…

12 July 2013Design