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Designing an information architecture

In our minds, there are three stages to creating a new website; establishing the site structure, designing how the site will work and its ‘look and feel’ and creating the content to sit on each page. Whilst these three stages are all interconnected (it’s hard for a designer to define how a page should look with…

6 October 2016Guides

How to measure website data using a dashboard in Google Analytics

Last week digicomms received a support call asking what was the best way to measure website data. Instead of just providing them with access to Google Analytics and letting them get on with it, we created a dashboard which allowed the user to quickly access the information that mattered to them. This setup also meant that,…

4 October 2016Guides

What’s the difference between bounce rate and exit rate in Google Analytics?

There are two metrics in Google Analytics that can cause some confusion: bounce rate and exit rate. Both are concerned with the action of a user leaving a site, so why are they two different things? This post outlines the differences of these metrics and highlights which one is the one for you.

2 September 2016Guides

TerminalFour programmable layouts

TerminalFour programmable layouts The following article assumes you are an existing power user or administrator of T4 and have access to their community extranet site. It gives an overview of what programmable layouts are and provides useful examples of how they can be used to greatly simplify the setup of T4. For example, consider the…

11 August 2016Guides

When you can’t find your webpages in Google search

Sometimes, a webpage you’ve just created doesn’t show up in the results when you search for it via Google. There are many reasons as to why this may be the case, but a potential quick fix is Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmasters Tools). This post will outline what Google Search Console is, and…

21 July 2016Guides

WordPress user roles

There are five user roles in WordPress with different levels of access. Depending on the user, you may not want to give them full access to your blog. Read about the different abilities of each user so that you can correctly assign roles to your blog’s users.

17 June 2016Guides

How to start an email newsletter

What is the best method to keep your loyal customers or fans informed with your latest activity? Most people will answer this with Facebook or Twitter, but these solutions are now so popular your content will quickly become buried in an overly saturated newsfeed. In the digital world, the most direct way to communicate with…

15 June 2016Guides

Key Google Analytics terms explained

In a previous post I wrote about how Google Analytics is invaluable for helping the digital communications team monitor activity on the University’s website. While there are many advantages, if you’re new to the software, getting your head around some of the terminology is akin to learning a new language. This blog post will outline…

7 June 2016Guides

An introduction to Google Analytics

Over the last few months, the digital communications team have been redesigning areas of the website, such as the newly designed postgraduate taught pages and in the past, the homepage. When making such changes, it is useful and important for us to measure the impact they have on content and user experience. To do this, we…

1 June 2016Guides

How to start a podcast

Starting your own podcast can be quite a daunting process when you look into it. You have to consider, hardware, software, microphones, and have an understanding of XML files or a place worthwhile hosting your podcast. It can be hard to know where to start with this project. Let’s break it down a little to…

30 May 2016Guides