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How to create an email newsletter people actually read

Newsletters are traditionally the best way to keep an audience or community informed with the latest scoop of what’s been happening with your company or department. If you’re a regular internet user with an email account, then it’s likely that you will be subscribed to a few email newsletters. If you’ve ever registered an account…

13 May 2016Guides

How to render and export video content for web

You’ve filmed your video, and you’ve gone to great technical lengths to edit it. Now you need to get your film from the editing suite to the web. Rendering a video for web can be often over-looked and rushed, but there are some essential phrases and terminology you must be aware of to make sure your…

6 April 2016Guides

Let’s talk about security

If you don’t already use a password manager, this post explains what they are and why we think you should be using one. Password managers As the name suggests, password managers typically allow you to store all your passwords securely in a safe. Many also install browser plugins so that you may easily access the passwords stored in…

15 November 2015Guides

Making videos usable

Video usability With video becoming a bigger and bigger part of our digital communications, we need to consider the usability of videos just as seriously as the usability of our webpages. The main points in this Nielsen Norman Group article about videos are as follows: There is no guarantee that someone will watch a video.…

20 November 2014Guides

Accessibility for documents

Creating accessible PDFs We are trying to move towards a standardised way of presenting PDFs. While most (if not all) web content and forms would ideally be published as HTML, sometimes we have to use Microsoft Word or PDF files as an interim measure. But many of the PDFs that are created for the University…

5 November 2014Guides

Writing great microcopy

From Google Ventures: 5 rules for writing great interface copy We have been talking recently about content design, the idea that content is not merely written; it needs to be crafted. (The Government Digital Service says, “You can add up, but it doesn’t mean you’re an accountant. You can write, but it doesn’t mean you’re…

29 May 2014Guides