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Our main focus for the last three sprints

Sprint #18 (David Millar) took place between Monday 28 March to Friday 8 April 2016 (weeks 8 and 9), inclusive. Sprint #19 (Mikel Nieve) took place between Monday 11 and Friday 22 April 2016 (weeks 10 and 11), inclusive. For the last three sprints we have been working predominately on two pieces of work; this work…

29 April 2016Projects Public website

Prospective PG student survey results

The digital communications team aims to adhere to the principles of user-centred design in everything we do. An integral part of this process is collecting user feedback. This is important at the beginning of a project as a means of requirements gathering; throughout a project as we make iterative improvements; and finally at the end…

11 April 2016Content Digital transformation Public website

Notes for sprint ‘Vladimir Karpets’ (29 February to 11 March)

The work in this sprint took place from Monday 29 February to Friday 11 March 2016. We had reached sprint K, so this two weeks’ sprint was named after Russian cyclist Vladimir Karpets. Born in Leningrad in September 1980 Karpets is most notable for winning the white jersey for the best young rider in the 2004 Tour…

25 March 2016DC1002 CDN DC1003 WordPress multisite Public website

Sprint notes for DC1001 (sprints 13 to 15)

Something we want to get better at is improve how we communicate our progress on current projects. This will be the first of many such posts. We’re currently working on one very large project, DC1001 External website redevelopments which is re-imagining the University website for external audiences, with a big focus on course search and what we’re calling the digital prospectus.

9 March 2016Projects Public website