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Why we’ve shelved the Schools website project (for now!)

Over the last year, a number of academic schools have asked us whether we could roll out the design of the School of Economics website, which launched late last year, to other schools. The team cautiously agreed that we’d look at all School sites, to see if there was a way for us to work on School sites…

26 August 2016External website redevelopments

MoSCoW prioritisation is on effort

This guide shows how the 60/20/20 proportion of must, should and could requirements in Agile MoSCoW prioritisation is against effort not number of requirements.

5 August 2016Agile

How we plan to move to T4v8

One of the key milestones of the external website project is moving to the newest version of our content management system – T4. All of the digital communications team have been looking forward to taking advantage of the new features and options available in T4v8, but working out exactly how we make the move from our…

3 August 2016External website redevelopments

Beginning to think about risk management in Agile projects

I've been thinking a lot about risk in Agile projects recently. It is something that I've known for a while we need to manage better. Here's some of what I've discovered so far.

27 June 2016Agile Projects

When retrospective objectives stack up

During team retrospectives, which we hold at the end of each sprint, we have been guilty of agreeing to too many actions to change our processes and working practices. Needless to say, most of these don't get completed and so this past sprint we realised that we had 22 outstanding objectives. This is what we did to address it.

22 June 2016Agile

Google Analytics data for School websites

One of my first tasks for the digital communications team was to find out how School websites are used by external users over the course of one calendar year (2015) using Google Analytics. The data provided an invaluable insight to how external users interact with the School pages. I looked specifically at which pages on School websites are…

18 June 2016External website redevelopments

Using Trello for team retrospectives

Retrospectives are an important tool for Agile teams like ours. They allow the team to reflect frequently (usually at the end of an iteration) on work habits and processes, and agree how to improve them. We hold retrospectives every second Friday at the end of our sprints. Until recently, we’ve been running all our retrospectives in…

13 June 2016Agile

Our main focus for the last three sprints

Sprint #18 (David Millar) took place between Monday 28 March to Friday 8 April 2016 (weeks 8 and 9), inclusive. Sprint #19 (Mikel Nieve) took place between Monday 11 and Friday 22 April 2016 (weeks 10 and 11), inclusive. For the last three sprints we have been working predominately on two pieces of work; this work…

29 April 2016External website redevelopments Projects

Why we are outsourcing WordPress

One project that we are currently preparing (called DC1004 WordPress multisite) will involve outsourcing our WordPress multisite installation. This post explains why. At the University we use TerminalFour Site Manager and WordPress as our content management systems to publish content. Site Manager is used to manage the core University content for the majority of our visitors,…

29 April 2016DC1003 WordPress multisite Projects

Exception reports, or what happens when a project goes off-track

One of the things that we’re taught when learning the DSDM agile project management framework is that, unlike traditional project management approaches where the project manager manages the team on a day-to-day basis, in DSDM the project manager manages by exception. This post explains what that means.

27 April 2016Agile