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Agile release planning with multiple projects

One of the biggest challenges we faced when we started down the Agile path was how to accommodate working on multiple projects concurrently. This is a little insight into how we are currently managing ourselves across two projects plus business as usual tasks. The Agile ideal Most Agile/XP/Scrum literature assumes a single, cross-functional team working on a single…

25 November 2015Agile

Our ground rules for meetings

Hands up if you love meetings. Anyone? No? Here are a couple of ‘inspirational’ quotations for you: Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything — John Kenneth Graham The least productive people are usually the ones who are most in favour of holding meetings — Thomas Sowell No doubt, at one point…

13 November 2015Agile

The challenges of resource management in our Agile team

Over the last year, as we’ve been formally trying to work in a more agile way, one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a project manager is resource management. In other words, How do we know how much time each team member has to work on projects? When we’re planning the next sprint, how do we…

9 November 2015Agile

Digital prospectus business case

On Wednesday 16 September, the Digital Communications Portfolio Board approved a business case for redevelopment of the external University website. In essence, what we will be creating is a digital prospectus where all information about undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses is provided in one place. We will be using our agile project management approach to improve…

2 November 2015Digital transformation Homepage prototype

The impact of changing the graduation web presence

Back in June, the digital communications team launched a new version of the graduation webpages. The main reason we were so keen to get the graduation website updated was because more and more of the visits to the graduation site during our main graduation period in June were coming from mobile and tablet devices, but…

18 September 2015Projects

Our design principles

Before designing a site you need a decision making framework. These are often called design principles. Here are the design principles we are using at St Andrews. Do you agree with them? Designing and building a website involves thousands of decisions. Decisions between often competing requirements. A constant stream of tiny compromises. To ensure we…

17 June 2015Homepage prototype

Launch of new University home page

A prototype for the new University home page has been available since March this year. Finally it is time to make it live! From Monday, the prototype home page will become the home page for the whole University website. The new design is mobile friendly, easier for people who don’t know the University to use and…

12 June 2015Homepage prototype

Why we collaborate

More collaboration equals more value Part of the agile methodology the University is adopting for project work is about building collaborative, multi-disciplinary project teams. Gerry McGovern highlights why collaboration is so important. For years, scientists have become more and more specialized in their areas of study and research. But if they are to achieve anything…

18 May 2015Agile

The story so far and next actions

As digital becomes critical to the University of St Andrews, we are adapting the way we run our website. As many of you are new to our mailing list and blog, we thought now might be a good time to summarise what work we have been doing to date. Over the last ten years our…

29 April 2015Homepage prototype

Continually improving our work habits with retrospectives

We've been running retrospectives at the end of each sprint for the last few months. This is how we do them and why they've been useful for improving how we work.

11 March 2015Agile