The digital communications team has a new member, and we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Maria Drummond. Maria has joined digital communications as a digital data and content editor. From Newcastle originally, Maria has lived in Dundee for …

Friday 11 March 2016 | Team

Digital communications team annual report

2015 was a very eventful year for the digital communications team. Here are some of our highlights. Digital transformation In February, Paul Boag visited St Andrews to give a lecture on digital change. We then worked with Paul in March …

Monday 29 February 2016 | Team

Fixing broken links using Siteimprove

We’ve all encountered the frustration of clicking on a link and instead of the expected content, ‘404 not found’ appears. Broken links are an unavoidable part of today’s internet as websites change their infrastructure and old pages get replaced. This …

Monday 21 December 2015 | Support calls

T4 training

This post will explain the training process that is undertaken when trying to access our most prized possession, TerminalFour (T4) Site Manager. This is the content management system that sits behind our University website. In T4 there are various user …

Friday 27 November 2015 | Team

User experience feedback

Here at the Digital Communications team we believe in taking a user-centred approach to our work, and we’ve written a lot about this. We endeavour to put the user at the centre of our decision making process with a focus …

Saturday 21 November 2015 | Team

Google Forms

Google Forms is a useful tool when trying to gather and analyse any type of response data. In this post, you will learn what Google Forms is as well as how to create, distribute, and collect data from your very …

Thursday 19 November 2015 | Team


The Digital Communications team is growing and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our four newest recruits. We’re pleased to have Duncan Sanderson joining our team as a web developer, mainly working on web support. Duncan has spent …

Tuesday 10 November 2015 | Team

How to submit an idea

One of the updates that the digital communications team has been working on for the last year has been our processes for taking on new projects. Having spent a lot of time developing and documenting our engagement framework (how and …

Friday 3 April 2015 | Team

How we manage support calls

All of our help and support requests are handled through a system called UniDesk, which logs information on who spoke to who and distributes email notifications to the relevant people. UniDesk calls these requests ‘support calls’. Our old way of working …

Thursday 12 March 2015 | Support calls

Those conversations

I drew you a picture. To help *those* conversations. — Andy Whitlock (@andywhitlock) October 21, 2014 This image has felt very apt as we attempt to plan all the work that needs to be done on digital communications.

Tuesday 11 November 2014 | Team