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Posts about the digital communications team processes.

User experience feedback

Here at the Digital Communications team we believe in taking a user-centred approach to our work, and we’ve written a lot about this. We endeavour to put the user at the centre of our decision making process with a focus always on what people need, not what the organisation needs. Collecting user experience feedback An…

21 November 2015Team

Google Forms

Google Forms is a useful tool when trying to gather and analyse any type of response data. In this post, you will learn what Google Forms is as well as how to create, distribute, and collect data from your very own form.

19 November 2015Team Training


The Digital Communications team is growing and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our four newest recruits. We’re pleased to have Duncan Sanderson joining our team as a web developer, mainly working on web support. Duncan has spent the last three years working as a data analyst/web developer at Edinburgh Napier University and…

10 November 2015Team

How to submit an idea

One of the updates that the digital communications team has been working on for the last year has been our processes for taking on new projects. Having spent a lot of time developing and documenting our engagement framework (how and when we engage with colleagues and stakeholders across the University), we have recently changed the…

3 April 2015Team

How we manage support calls

All of our help and support requests are handled through a system called UniDesk, which logs information on who spoke to who and distributes email notifications to the relevant people. UniDesk calls these requests ‘support calls’. Our old way of working In the past the whole team would each spend a few hours a day, sometimes more,…

12 March 2015Support calls

Those conversations

I drew you a picture. To help *those* conversations. — Andy Whitlock (@andywhitlock) October 21, 2014 This image has felt very apt as we attempt to plan all the work that needs to be done on digital communications.

11 November 2014Team

Why we are now bridge builders

From intranet to net-work: the rise of the digital bridge builder Partly following on from developments at the University, and partly on discussions at IWMW, I have been thinking a lot recently about the siloed nature of our organisation and what role a digital team should have. This Gerry McGovern article is an interesting take,…

26 August 2014Team

Welcome to the digital communications team blog

The digital communications team is a small start-up team focused on improving digital communications aimed at external audiences. Our first project is a relaunch of the website for prospective students, due in February 2014. We will use this blog to share our progress, ideas and useful articles with the University community and beyond. You can also follow…

20 December 2013Team