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Winter Graduation 2018 live stream data

On Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December 2018, four graduation ceremonies were streamed live on the University website. These streams were accessible via YouTube and were embedded on one page of the University website. We also setup an alternative webpage embedding a stream feed with lower bandwidth primarily for users who have no access to…

8 January 2019Data

Understanding how users interact with the alumni and donors website

The new alumni and donors website was launched in June 2017. The new site is a lot slicker and hopefully easier to use than the previous website. A number of blog posts have been written explaining how Google Tag Manager (GTM) can be used to understand visitor behaviour better. For example, finding out whether users…

16 November 2017Usability

Keep your social media content relevant to your audience

Whether personal or corporate, social media channels develop their own voice and tone. Audiences don’t want brands talking to them as if they were dollar signs. They subscribe to channels with an expectation of authentic communication.

2 March 2017Social Media

Which technology is being used to access the University website?

Understanding which technology is being used to access the University website is very important as we need to ensure an optimum experience for as many users as possible.

14 October 2016Technology

How to measure website data using a dashboard in Google Analytics

Last week digicomms received a support call asking what was the best way to measure website data. Instead of just providing them with access to Google Analytics and letting them get on with it, we created a dashboard which allowed the user to quickly access the information that mattered to them. This setup also meant that,…

4 October 2016Guides

Graduation 2016 social media analytics

The University’s social media activities for graduation 2016 were shaped by three main aims: to increase following, reach and awareness by producing shareable content and by capitalising on high profile graduation guests and participants to drive engagement through multimedia content (video interviews), user-generated content and strategic hashtags to experiment with new and previously under-used social…

19 July 2016Social Media

The impact of changing the graduation web presence

Back in June, the digital communications team launched a new version of the graduation webpages. The main reason we were so keen to get the graduation website updated was because more and more of the visits to the graduation site during our main graduation period in June were coming from mobile and tablet devices, but…

18 September 2015Projects

Social media and statistics

This is part of a series of reflections on this year’s Institutional Web Management Workshop. So far the posts have looked at themes surrounding digital transformationand organisational change. Read an introduction and the other posts. But away from those big ideas were some other useful insights about our jobs. This post looks at some advice on social…

4 August 2014IWMW