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Upcoming developments on the research website project

The research website project team have been steadily moving forward with creating content and working on development for the new research website.

5 April 2018External website redevelopments

The digicomms blog: our most compelling content

The digicomms blog – what you’re reading right now – has been active since 2013. Since then, the team has published over 250 articles which have amassed around 14,000 views. Recently I compiled a short report detailing some key stats and the most popular articles. The data below is from June 2014 to May 2016.

20 June 2016Team

Benefits of blogging

Blogging: what was once thought of as only a platform for online diaries has now become a powerful tool for businesses, newsgroups, politicians, creative professionals and, more relevantly to St Andrews, academics. Academics, departments and schools within universities have increasingly used blogs to publish news and events, disseminate research and share expert insights into relevant…

14 April 2016Content