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Colour palette of University of St Andrews

All colour is emotive, and the University of St Andrews colour palette has been designed to reflect the values, energy and vitality of our institution. Colour is a key part of our visual identity and care should be taken when choosing appropriate colours from our palette.

16 March 2018Design

Correct and incorrect use of the University of St Andrews logo

The strength of the University of St Andrews logo is dependent on its consistent application, which means that the correct logo graphic must always be used without any modifications or additions. As well as not modifying or adding to the logo in any way, it should always retain the original proportions when resizing the logo…

13 February 2017Design

Students’ awareness of branding

Overseas PhD students rely on rankings to select a university This article about how PhD students select universities contains some interesting findings about the use of websites and the perception of the brand. The report, aimed primarily at university communications and marketing staff, notes that the websites are “much easier to influence by good communications…

5 December 2014Articles and resources