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Common content mistakes and how to fix them

Part of the work done by members of digicomms is ensure all content on the University’s website meets digital standards. In particular, any text on the website or in print materials must meet the University’s house style. Here are some of the most common mistakes found when the team check over content.

5 April 2017Content

Style advice from the CIA

Writing tips from the CIA’s ruthless style manual It is always fascinating to see how other organisations attempt to keep their writing consistent via their style guides. A good style guide is a mixture of common sense and the unique needs of your institution. The CIA offers everyday advice such as “prefer the forthright to…

16 September 2014Content

Eliminate happy talk

On the web, context kills, speed saves Here is an article from Gerry McGovern about one of my pet peeves, happy talk. Web users are highly task driven, and they are not interested in our content attempting to set a context. You need to find the nearest government children’s center. “Welcome to our page which…

12 February 2014Content

Whitespace, copywriting and Google Now

Why whitespace matters There is a tendency among non-experts to cram as much information as possible onto a webpage. But you should not think of whitespace as wasted space. Designers know that whitespace is hugely important in terms of usability, legibility and comprehension. This article contains a good explanation of the theory, research on the…

4 December 2013Resource archive

The importance of content

Three interesting articles about content that I have come across recently. The importance of copywriting for UX Interesting examples of poor copywriting, and why it is important to write in plain language. Respect your audience with readable content More on the importance of getting content right, and why it is so important to user-centred design.…

8 October 2013Content