Staff listings page remastered

The digital communications team have been hard at work with an initial rework of the way we display staff and student listings. Gone are the days of tables in web design and we no longer want it to look like an Excel …

Wednesday 2 December 2015 | Design

Visual design principles for the University of St Andrews website

On 15 June 2015, the digital communications team launched the new University of St Andrews homepage. This is the first major milestone in a project that has been on-going before I started work here in 2013. We have created a …

Tuesday 30 June 2015 | Design

Mobile first and responsive design

The core design mission of the new St Andrews website is to cater for mobile devices, as these are rapidly becoming the dominant medium for web. While most organisations still commission a website to look good on their computer first …

Wednesday 3 June 2015 | Design

Why is the user important?

As we may have mentioned a few times already, the digital communications team is committed to a user centred approach to our work: whether that be research, design, content or build. We have placed users at the heart of the …

Wednesday 25 March 2015 | Digital transformation

“Yes, but which fold?”

I am the fold Here is another illustration of why talking about the fold is unhelpful, and of the challenges we face in designing a webpage that will look good at a variety of different screen sizes.

Wednesday 4 March 2015 | Design

Consistency, not uniformity

Being consistent, not uniform This is a good explanation of the concept behind a common look and feel such as what we are currently developing. It is not about reducing the amount of flexibility or giving every page the same …

Wednesday 8 October 2014 | Design

The evolution of the Study at St Andrews design

We had intended on writing an article about the design process for the Study at St Andrews website. Sadly, there is this thing called proper work, and we haven’t had the time to do it. Today I began cleaning up …

Thursday 12 June 2014 | Study at St Andrews website

Writing great microcopy

From Google Ventures: 5 rules for writing great interface copy We have been talking recently about content design, the idea that content is not merely written; it needs to be crafted. (The Government Digital Service says, “You can add up, …

Thursday 29 May 2014 | Guides

Replacing the Flash world map

One of the biggest issues we have had to tackle while working on the new Study at St Andrews website is the entrance requirements and country information section. The website contained a Flash world map that was considered to be …

Friday 21 February 2014 | Study at St Andrews website

Designing university websites

University websites: top 10 design guidelines This study from Nielsen Norman Group assesses higher education websites in four countries including the UK. This is very relevant to us, and I would encourage anyone involved in the University website to have …

Tuesday 11 February 2014 | Design