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Using the Users Flow report in Google Analytics

One of the most helpful pieces of information you can glean from your website is knowing where users have come from and where they go once they’ve landed on a particular page. While you can use the Source/Medium report to see how users first accessed your site, the Users Flow report presents the path users…

15 November 2016Guides

How to conduct usability testing

If you’re new to usability testing, you may find my post What is usability testing and why do we do it, useful before diving into the ‘how-to’. While that post looked at the what and why, this post will look at the how, and will focus on the five planning and testing stages of usability…

24 October 2016Guides

Key Google Analytics terms explained

In a previous post I wrote about how Google Analytics is invaluable for helping the digital communications team monitor activity on the University’s website. While there are many advantages, if you’re new to the software, getting your head around some of the terminology is akin to learning a new language. This blog post will outline…

7 June 2016Guides