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Choosing image backgrounds for hero banners

Selection criteria for images appropriate for hero banners can be quite complicated. There are plenty of stunning photographs that would work well to welcome positive first impressions of a website, but are they fit for purpose?

11 February 2019Design

Where and when should you use a hero banner?

Hero banners are great. They are perfect for conveying the mission statement of your website through strong visuals and a large tagline. They’re almost like billboards in the digital era, but they are one step better as they also have a call-to-action button that will complete the task you are probably on the website to…

14 June 2017Design

Hero banners: Why are they so attractive?

What is a hero banner? You see that big, wide section at the top of most modern websites? That section with the large catchy slogan and button that is effectively tempting you to click it? That section with the fresh, inspiring photograph that really compliments the company’s brand? Yeah. That’s a hero banner.

9 March 2015Design Digital transformation