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Capitalising job titles: an update to University house style

For those familiar with the University house style, you will know that the digital communications team advises against the unnecessary use of capital letters on web pages. This includes the capitalisation of page titles, team names and job titles.

29 April 2019Content

Common content mistakes – revisited

We’ve previously written about common content mistakes made on the web, but we thought it would be a good idea to provide an updated list. Below is a list of common mistakes our team sees coordinators make on a regular basis. This post isn’t intended to shame, but to cast some light on how you…

12 March 2019Content

Why we avoid writing in first person on external pages

As part of the University house style, we do not use first person when addressing external audiences unless speaking from the perspective of the University as a whole. [Note: second person, ‘you’, is acceptable.] It may seem hypocritical to include ‘we’ in the title of this post, but I want to highlight the fact that…

8 June 2016Content