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Writing long-forms as a team

As you may already know, the digital communications team have recently redeveloped the University’s research webpages. Alongside a new homepage, the research showcase page highlights the range of research taking place at St Andrews. As part of this project, the content team were tasked to create two new research focused long-forms, focusing on coastal erosion…

8 June 2018Content

Showcasing research through content

The main feature of the new research website will be the research showcase section. This section will highlight the world-leading research taking place across St Andrews to internal and external researchers, prospective students, and the general public.

3 May 2018Content

How we promote our long-form stories

Are you familiar with the Stories section on the University website? The digital communications team have been creating long-forms since 2015 with the purpose of showcasing the University’s research, history and student experience. Stories from 2017 have included Breaking bonds and What’s bad about being good? Featuring in a long-form is an excellent opportunity to…

22 November 2017Content Social Media

Digital pattern library – long-form

We have now updated the ‘long-form’ components of our digital pattern library (DPL). The seven long-form components are used to create longer feature articles such as the “Light Box” story. Having the components clearly defined will make it much easier to implement this in T4 or WordPress and make it faster to create new articles.

21 February 2017Digital pattern library

Make your content stand out against the crowd

There’s nothing new under the sun. For the most part, every topic that could be talked about has been talked about. This can be a daunting realisation for digital writers who struggle to produce new and engaging material in the sea of content found online. Here are three simple ideas for creating content that stands…

12 July 2016Content