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Scheduling social media posts

Graduation week is always one of the busiest and most important times of the year for the digital communications team and our colleagues across Corporate Communications. Both the University website and the social media channels see a significant increase in traffic, as students and their friends and family look for information and updates about their…

25 July 2018Social Media

MoSCoW planning poker

Backlog refinement One agile practice that we’ve adopted from Scrum is that of product backlog refinement. In short, it involves representatives from both the project level team (project manager, business visionary, technical coordinator, etc.) and solution development team getting together periodically to review the prioritised requirements list (the backlog) to decide whether the upcoming features still have the…

13 March 2017Agile

Beginning to think about risk management in Agile projects

I've been thinking a lot about risk in Agile projects recently. It is something that I've known for a while we need to manage better. Here's some of what I've discovered so far.

27 June 2016Agile Projects

Velocity and why it’s important

Velocity is an important tool in Agile. Let me explain a little about what it is and why we find it useful. Speed = distance over time One of the challenges when planning each two weeks’ sprint is working out how much work we can realistically commit to. That’s where estimates and velocity work together.

22 January 2016Agile

Planning poker—why and how we estimate

When creating a plan—whether it be a big project release plan or a smaller two-weeks’ timebox plan—you essentially need to know three things: Tasks —What are the requirements? What do you need to do? Size — How big are these tasks compared with one another? How long will these take to complete? Priorities — Which tasks need to…

4 December 2015Agile

Agile release planning with multiple projects

One of the biggest challenges we faced when we started down the Agile path was how to accommodate working on multiple projects concurrently. This is a little insight into how we are currently managing ourselves across two projects plus business as usual tasks. The Agile ideal Most Agile/XP/Scrum literature assumes a single, cross-functional team working on a single…

25 November 2015Agile

Those conversations

I drew you a picture. To help *those* conversations. — Andy Whitlock (@andywhitlock) October 21, 2014 This image has felt very apt as we attempt to plan all the work that needs to be done on digital communications.

11 November 2014Team