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E-A-T and search engine optimisation

Google regularly updates its core search algorithms to provide better search results for users. After a recent update, Google produced guidelines for web professionals on reassessing their content in light of these updates. One of the guidelines Google uses to assess pages is called E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Pages which excel…

25 October 2019SEO

An introduction to SEO

Google is a prominent force in the digital landscape: owner of Gmail, YouTube, Chrome web browser and the Android operating system. However, for most of us, the word Google still conjures up images of a single search bar headed by that distinctive logo – Google is far and away the most popular search engine on…

24 March 2016SEO Training

Writing for digital vs writing for print

The advent of the internet has drastically changed the way we receive and communicate information. Previously, written content could only be published as physical print, and was therefore static and unchangeable; today, content can be published online and is in constant flux. As technology has shifted the way information is delivered, readers’ needs have changed,…

30 November 2015Content

What people don’t search for

Finding the things we don’t search for Here is an interesting angle on search engine optimisation – people don’t always search for what they want. And they don’t always like to see what they search for. We have found that there are a set of search words that bring you to a website, and then…

18 June 2014SEO

User stories, the impact of search engine optimisation, and vestibular disorders

There is no overarching theme to this week’s articles. Just three articles I think are worth sharing. Encouraging content collaboration through user stories Here is another usability approach similar to personas, called user stories. Paul Boag suggests using this as a way to overcome the political turf wars that can dog web designs in large…

15 August 2013Resource archive