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Squiz Summit 2019

Back in November 2019, I attended the Squiz Summit in Edinburgh. The summit is an annual event that brings together Squiz staff with their customers, to share in their experiences of using Squiz products.

6 January 2020Conferences

Findings from Funnelback search usability testing

Last November I wrote about the initial findings from the control usability test that was conducted on Google Search Appliance (GSA), the University’s search system at the time. The main outcomes from that test were that University search results were inaccurate, there was a distrust of keymatch boxes and there was little interaction with search…

27 June 2019Usability

The new University search system

During the week beginning 17 December 2018, the University search system will be replaced. The current search system, Google Search Appliance (GSA), will no longer work after 31 December 2018 as Google no longer provide support for this. Instead, we will launch a new system called Funnelback provided by a company called Squiz. The Funnelback…

6 December 2018Technology

Online search usability testing findings

Over the summer, usability testing was conducted on the University’s search tool. The main purpose of the test was to set a benchmark and find out how users interacted with the current search system, which will shortly be replaced. This post provides a summary of the test and an overview of the users’ experiences.

29 November 2018Usability

Understanding how users search the University website

When someone uses the search box on any of our University webpages, the results are returned using our own Google Search Appliance (GSA). The current search results pages are optimised for desktop. For those on a mobile device, the user experience is very poor as you have to scroll and zoom to see the information.…

17 November 2016Usability

Google directly linking to social profiles

Google Search now directly links you to brands’ social profiles Google is constantly rethinking what search should do, and one of its latest updates is to link directly to brands’ profiles on social networks. This is just one of a number of items that are part of Google’s knowledge graph, the information shown on the…

25 February 2015SEO

Test your website is mobile-friendly

Google mobile-friendly test We have previously mentioned the steps Google is beginning to take to encourage mobile-friendly web development. Now Google has developed a tool that allows you to check whether a webpage is mobile-friendly. Test some of your favourite websites to see if they cut the mustard.

9 December 2014Design

Google signals on mobile-friendly webpages

Helping users find mobile-friendly pages Google is beginning to crack down on websites that do not display properly on mobile devices. A ‘mobile-friendly’ tag will be added to search engine results on mobile devices in the coming weeks. Websites will only be regarded as mobile friendly if they use a responsive design, avoid non-standard software…

21 November 2014SEO

Trends in search for universities

Google reveals most searched-for universities It is important for us to keep an eye on trends across the sector. The digital era is a disruptive one that has changed and even threatened some industries forever: music, journalism, photography. Higher education is not necessarily immune. Data from Google shows that interest in campus-based universities is declining,…

23 October 2014Articles and resources

What people don’t search for

Finding the things we don’t search for Here is an interesting angle on search engine optimisation – people don’t always search for what they want. And they don’t always like to see what they search for. We have found that there are a set of search words that bring you to a website, and then…

18 June 2014SEO