New team member

Hi there, my name is David and I am the newest addition to the digital communications team. I started on 6 March in the role of web developer, and I will be working on delivering web projects for the University …

Friday 23 March 2018 | Team

New team member

Hi, my name is Nick. On 15 January, I became the latest member to join the digital communications team. As a web developer, it will be my job to support the delivery of the University’s web projects and to assist …

Friday 2 February 2018 | Team

I’ve set out on a new adventure

As I write this, I’ve been working remotely for the digital communications team for a little over a month now and will formally leave at the end of July. The reason being that my wife needed to move to Philadelphia …

Sunday 30 July 2017 | Team

New team member

Hello, it is nice to meet you! My name is John and I am the newest member of the digital communication team. I joined the team on Monday 5 June as the new social media and web content editor. I …

Monday 12 June 2017 | Team

Our team culture: Agile and fun

If you’ve read any of the posts on this blog, you might have guessed that the digital communications team is an Agile team. You’d be right. And being Agile means that we’re focused on collaborative, iterative development. But as a team, we’re …

Friday 16 September 2016 | Articles and resources

Using Trello for team retrospectives

Retrospectives are an important tool for Agile teams like ours. They allow the team to reflect frequently (usually at the end of an iteration) on work habits and processes, and agree how to improve them. We hold retrospectives every second Friday …

Monday 13 June 2016 | Agile


The digital communications team has a new member, and we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Maria Drummond. Maria has joined digital communications as a digital data and content editor. From Newcastle originally, Maria has lived in Dundee for …

Friday 11 March 2016 | Team

Continually improving our work habits with retrospectives

We've been running retrospectives at the end of each sprint for the last few months. This is how we do them and why they've been useful for improving how we work.

Wednesday 11 March 2015 | Agile