Common content mistakes and how to fix them

Part of the work done by members of digicomms is ensure all content on the University’s website meets digital standards. In particular, any text on the website or in print materials must meet the University’s house style. Here are some of the …

Wednesday 5 April 2017 | Content

Guerilla testing on mobile devices

A couple of weeks ago The University of Dundee’s external relations team released data from some guerrilla usability testing they had conducted during their freshers’ week. It was an incredible data sample, and fresh off the back of our most …

Tuesday 28 February 2017 | Usability

Usability testing of the undergraduate pages: the results

Usability testing is a method used to evaluate a product as it is developed by testing it on others. It has been used by the digital communications team in the past to gain insightful data about user experience. With the imminent …

Thursday 16 February 2017 | Usability

Understanding how users search the University website

When someone uses the search box on any of our University webpages, the results are returned using our own Google Search Appliance (GSA). The current search results pages are optimised for desktop. For those on a mobile device, the user …

Thursday 17 November 2016 | Usability

How to conduct usability testing

If you’re new to usability testing, you may find my post What is usability testing and why do we do it, useful before diving into the ‘how-to’. While that post looked at the what and why, this post will look …

Monday 24 October 2016 | Guides

Agile usability testing at IWMW 2016

‘Understanding Users; Managing Change; Delivering Services’ was the theme of IWMW 2016 (the Institutional Web Management Workshop) – and agile usability testing seemed to convey this message perfectly.

Sunday 7 August 2016 | IWMW

Results from usability testing of PGT pages

Usability testing is a technique used to evaluate a product as it is developed by testing it on others. It has been used by the digital communications team in the past to gain insightful qualitative data about user experience. It …

Monday 2 May 2016 | Usability

Why is the user important?

As we may have mentioned a few times already, the digital communications team is committed to a user centred approach to our work: whether that be research, design, content or build. We have placed users at the heart of the …

Wednesday 25 March 2015 | Digital transformation

Accordions and tabs in forms

Form usability: The pitfalls of inline accordion and tab designs Accordions and tabs are common user interface elements, and we are making increasing use of accordions in the new pattern library. Research from the Baymard Institute warns against leaning too …

Monday 22 December 2014 | Design

Assumptions about mobile users

UX myth: Mobile users are distracted The rise of mobile has also given rise to myths about how people use it. The idea that mobile users are more distracted than users of any other devices does not hold water. For …

Monday 10 November 2014 | Usability