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Common content mistakes – revisited

We’ve previously written about common content mistakes made on the web, but we thought it would be a good idea to provide an updated list. Below is a list of common mistakes our team sees coordinators make on a regular basis. This post isn’t intended to shame, but to cast some light on how you…

12 March 2019Content

How do you know when you’re done?

How do you know when you've completed something? Agile invites you to define "done done" so everyone on the team knows.

31 August 2016Agile

Plain English does not mean “dumbing down”

There seems to be some confusion over this point, so let me be clear – writing in plain English does not equate to “dumbing down” content. In the words of Lorena Sutherland, content lead for Office of the Public Guardian on GOV.UK: “It’s not dumbing down, it’s opening up”.  

14 July 2016Content

Resources for web writers

When writing for the web, you have to keep a lot in mind: format, accessibility, devices, audience, house style and more. Luckily, there are plenty of useful tools out there to help you make your writing as user-friendly as possible.

4 July 2016Articles and resources

Collaborating on content

Create better content by working in pairs Pair programming is a common way for software developers to work. The idea is to split up the tasks, with one person thinking about the strategic direction of the work (navigating/observing), while the other focuses on the tactical aspects (driving). Would the same concept work for content writing?…

20 May 2015Content