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Web developer within the University of St Andrews digital communications team, mainly working on web support. Joined the team in 2015 and has previously worked as a data analyst/web developer at Edinburgh Napier University as well as various other IT related jobs. When not answering web support calls he enjoys cycling, photography, ultimate frisbee, watching TV/films.

Why we moved from Siteimprove to Sitemorse

Last year I wrote a blog post about how we were using Siteimprove to help find and fix broken links and spelling mistakes on our website. But a few months ago we decided to move to another company to provide this service, a company called Sitemorse. How they work Siteimprove and Sitemorse both provide a range…

10 March 2017Articles and resources

Support call audit 2016

Earlier this year my colleague Peter and I audited the support calls our team received in the first six months of 2015. We wanted to see if there were any particular areas where issues were reoccurring, using the results to help us work proactively to reduce those issues. Over those six months we received around…

30 September 2016Support calls

Standardising the use of Google Maps

Look through the University’s website and you’ll find that there’s a wide variety of map styles being used. With things like map size, marker colour, how marker information is displayed (information window) and many other features varying throughout the site. Standardisation Most of the maps on our site are already using Google Maps but they…

12 August 2016Design

The new BBC micro:bit computer

One million school children in the UK will soon be receiving their own computer without having to pay a single penny. The BBC, in collaboration with 29 partner organisations, has recently begun the delivery of its new microcomputer, the BBC micro:bit, a pocket-sized computer which will be given to every school child in year 7…

4 May 2016Technology

Fixing broken links using Siteimprove

We’ve all encountered the frustration of clicking on a link and instead of the expected content, ‘404 not found’ appears. Broken links are an unavoidable part of today’s internet as websites change their infrastructure and old pages get replaced. This is where Siteimprove comes in. Siteimprove provides a number of online tools that help you…

21 December 2015Support calls

Benchmarking university websites

We wanted to benchmark our website against other university websites, both within the UK and worldwide to see how we compare with things like responsive design, intranet usage and standardised school sites. To do this I visited the websites for each Scottish, top 100 UK (The Completed University Guide) and top 50 world (Time Higher…

10 December 2015Digital transformation

Learning web development using Codecademy

When I decided that web development was the type of job I wanted to do, I searched online to find a resource that could help improve my development skills. This was when I first discovered Codecademy. Codecademy offers an online learning experience that’s free, interactive and different to most other tutorial web sites. The site currently…

23 November 2015Training