T4 meet-up in Edinburgh

TerminalFour (T4), the company responsible for providing our content management system (also called T4), held a meet-up in Edinburgh on Thursday 24 November 2016. In previous years T4 held a two-day T44U conference in Dublin, Ireland. The new format was …

Tuesday 14 February 2017 | Articles and resources

Runners, repeaters and strangers on the internet

Over the last few years, the digital communications team has changed a lot – we are now committed to an Agile project management methodology, we retrospect regularly and plan comprehensively. Fundamentally, our thought process about the way we work has changed, …

Wednesday 8 February 2017 | Articles and resources

New URL shortening service

Something we’ve talked about for years is creating our own URL shortening service. A couple of months ago Duncan and I sat down one Friday afternoon and created a very basic one using only household objects. What URL shortening is As the …

Monday 6 February 2017 | Articles and resources

5 of the best international calling and texting apps

Ring, ring. Remember these things? You probably don’t since they were so last century. Smartphones have completely revolutionised the way we communicate with one another over the past decade, subsequently rendering cord-tethered landlines a thing of the past — for …

Tuesday 31 January 2017 | Articles and resources

Using Google Analytics to define key markets

Recently,  Admissions got in touch asking for some data on international markets and how they use the study section of the site. Having access to this data will be useful going forward as it will allow Admissions to analyse and …

Friday 16 December 2016 | Articles and resources

A to Z of social media

The world of social media moves at a fast pace, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to keep up with all the latest platforms, technologies and terms. To help, I’ve compiled an (almost) A to Z list of common …

Monday 5 December 2016 | Articles and resources

UniDesk house rules

UniDesk is the system we use to log and progress incidents, more commonly known here as calls. This can be used by University and non-University members alike to submit their problems and then follow their progress. As each team member …

Tuesday 29 November 2016 | Articles and resources

Announcing the launch of T4v8

Soon, the digital communications team will launch a suite of webpages from the newest version of our content management system, T4. This is the beginning of the new digital style rolling out to all external facing content. In time, all …

Tuesday 18 October 2016 | Articles and resources

Skype vs FaceTime vs Google Hangouts

In this digital age, we sometimes forget that we’re living in a sci-fi future where calling someone via videophone is now a normal everyday occurrence. Video calling services have been improving over the past decade and the rise of mobile …

Monday 26 September 2016 | Articles and resources

What we learned about T4 programmable layouts

See our post on programmable layouts for a more technical look at programmable layouts, but stick around if you’d like more of a high-level overview of what these programmable layouts are, what they do and why we’re using them.

Tuesday 20 September 2016 | Articles and resources