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Clickbait headlines

This blogger found Upworthy-style headlines very annoying. You’ll find his response utterly plausible Upworthy-style (or you might think of them as BuzzFeed-style or simply clickbait) headlines are becoming increasingly common as content publishers strive to create headlines that will entice people to click their link. But while well-conceived headlines written in this style can drive…

21 April 2014Articles and resources

Web governance

Web governance ensures long term success A selection of articles from Paul Boag and Headscape about web governance, strategy and so on. Now that our first big project has launched, our immediate focus is on sorting out our processes. So a lot of what’s written in these articles chimes with what we are thinking about…

3 April 2014Articles and resources

Focusing on top tasks

Evidence-based decision making at Cisco support In many models of web management, every 2-3 years the site gets a redesign. This could be called the ‘lipstick on a pig’ approach to website management. The result is often that the site gets a nice new facelift but rarely that underlying problems are properly addressed… The Top…

27 March 2014Articles and resources

The shift to mobile and tablet devices

When will more people visit using a mobile or tablet than a PC? Mobile and tablet traffic to the Admissions website almost doubled during 2013. Mobile/tablet traffic is rising all the time. But often the largest rises in mobile/tablet traffic occur immediately after Christmas as people rush to use their shiny new gadgets. The…

4 February 2014Articles and resources

We are all international

Sheffield SU – We are all international students The video makes an interesting point – one that fits with the original ethos of the website developed by the Lean group, which was that the whole website should be ‘international’ in its approach, and that international content should not be sidelined into a separate silo.

9 January 2014Articles and resources