Photo of the week archive

Gareth Saunders
Friday 4 March 2011

Screenshot of the Photo of the week archive for 2010

The idea for the Photo of the week feature on the University homepage came about in a brainstorming meeting we had back in 2006 with Mac McBurney who was working with the information architecture consultancy company Dynamic Diagrams we’d hired to help us restructure the University website.

Every week or so since (assuming that a week is a variable event that lasts anywhere from 3 – 21 days) we’ve received a new photo from the Press Office to replace the previous image.

And every time we received a new photo and consigned the previous picture to a folder labelled “Archive” we promised ourselves that one day soon we’d create a proper Photo of the week archive.

That was 2007.

Then 2008.

And then every year since.

Until Wednesday.

On Wednesday I decided that with the recent launch of the 600th Anniversary enough was enough. We’d recently redesigned the news page and the Press Office page, all that was left was the Photo of the week archive.

It went live this evening. What a great sense of achievement to cross off a project that’s been on our backlog list for over three-and-a-half years!  And how embarrassing that it took only three days to do it.

Still, there are a couple of things remaining like setting up an RSS feed for the feature and tidying up some of the full-text copy but all-in-all that’s been a good few days’ work.

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