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PHP 8.0 – what’s new

PHP is used on the University website to provide dynamic web content, sometimes to bring content from an external database or from an external feed such as news or events. Each release of PHP is fully supported for two…

A look at AVIF

AVIF is a modern, but relatively unknown, image format and its presence is attracting a lot of attention in the web development and design world. But what is AVIF? How does it compare to other image formats, and what…

Twitter Spaces

Earlier this month, Spaces was launched on Twitter after a successful beta version trial. Spaces is their latest feature which makes use of social audio, the growing medium between text and video.

New ideas for course finder

I recently came across a case study from GatherContent about the University of North Dakota’s new interactive programme finder. Their programme finder makes clever use of search functionality to offer a filtering…

Prototype of potential MySaint redesign

Progressive web applications

What exactly is a progressive web app (PWA)? Google defines a PWA as being: “built and enhanced with modern APIs to deliver enhanced capabilities, reliability, and installability while reaching anyone, anywhere, on any…

A clean email newsletter

Keep email newsletters simple

Email newsletters overflow everyone’s inboxes. They are often very brand focused and their designs are intended to be flashy and eye catching as if someone handed you a leaflet on the street.