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Podcasting has exploded in popularity, and with that comes the need for high-quality audio recordings. However, not everyone has access to…

Date Wednesday 22 March 2023

We have recently upgraded our search autocomplete functionality within the main site header. This update is designed to give users the…

Date Wednesday 8 March 2023

Latest updates from the Digital Communications team at University of St Andrews for February 2023.

Date Thursday 9 February 2023
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Michael Berry

New web developer

Hi! I’m Mike, and I recently joined the Digital Communications team as a web developer.

Graphic of alt text markup

How to write accessible alt text for images

Writing good alternative text (alt text) for images is an important aspect of web accessibility. Alt text provides a brief description of the image for individuals who are visually impaired and using a screen reader.

Dinorah Imrie

New web content editor

Hi! I’m Dinorah, and I have recently joined the Digital Communications team as a Web Content Editor after working at the University’s International Education Institute as a Digital Media and IT Specialist.