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The University of St Andrews Vimeo channel will be shut down on Friday 30 June 2023. Here is what this means for users of the channel and…

Date Thursday 6 October 2022
Category Social Media

Office 365 offers a number of different applications that can be used to save, share and organise your documents. Managing your files can…

Date Thursday 29 September 2022
Category Guides

Naming a file is the first step of saving one. It is often the same as the title of the document, a description of a photograph or image,…

Date Thursday 22 September 2022

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Biology multisite on iPad

Biology and Medicine multisite migration

Over the past year we have been responsible for migrating the Synergy and Medicine WordPress multisites (hosted by Biology and Medicine respectively) over to our WordPress host, WPEngine.

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Jakob’s Law

Jakob’s Law is a principle of user experience design. It states that: Users spend most of their time on other sites