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We recently read a great article from Paul Boag on this topic, which inspired this post: Minimum viable product (MVP). What is it and why…

Date Thursday 8 April 2021

Latest updates from the digital communications team and useful articles and resources relating to digital best practice for April 2021.

Date Tuesday 6 April 2021
Category Team

Email newsletters overflow everyone’s inboxes. They are often very brand focused and their designs are intended to be flashy and eye…

Date Tuesday 6 April 2021
Category Design

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5% time

For a number of years, the digital communications team has reserved an afternoon per two-week sprint. The idea for this stemmed from Google’s 20% policy where Google reportedly allowed employees to spend 20% of their…

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The information scent of links

When looking at links on a web page, how do you decide which one will take you closer to your goal? You’ll choose the one with the highest information scent – the link with relevant terms and context that you think…