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Latest updates from the digital communications team and useful articles and resources relating to digital best practice for May 2021.

Date Tuesday 4 May 2021
Category Team

The Digital Communications team started a redesign of the Careers Centre website in January 2021. The first phase of this project aimed to…

Date Thursday 15 April 2021

We recently read a great article from Paul Boag on this topic, which inspired this post: Minimum viable product (MVP). What is it and why…

Date Thursday 8 April 2021

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A clean email newsletter

Keep email newsletters simple

Email newsletters overflow everyone’s inboxes. They are often very brand focused and their designs are intended to be flashy and eye catching as if someone handed you a leaflet on the street.

woman covering face with clock

5% time

For a number of years, the digital communications team has reserved an afternoon per two-week sprint. The idea for this stemmed from Google’s 20% policy where Google reportedly allowed employees to spend 20% of their…