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Gareth Saunders
Thursday 19 July 2012
Redesigned website help page
Redesigned website help page

In many ways it has felt like that saying about the cobbler’s shoes: we spend so much time fixing other people’s websites that we don’t have the time to fix our own.

But no longer!

This week we finally redesigned the website help pages.

The old pages had been there since we launched the website in 2007; very little had changed and a lot of the information was wildly out of date (sorry about that!).

In this redesign we’ve highlighted two things that we get asked most: how to report a problem and how do we book onto training sessions for T4 or writing for the web? These are now our biggest buttons on the right-hand side.

Combining sections

We’ve also moved the terms and conditions pages (which includes information about privacy and cookies) into this website help section, as well as the information about T4 Site Manager. It’s nice to have those consolidated at last. It made sense to group them under “website help”.

How to…

In moving things around I also discovered twelve pages about “How to…” in T4 that were written by Duncan and have been waiting for approval since 2010!

I think the original idea was also to include videos (screencasts) but when that never happened some pages that should not have been forgotten were lost. As Tolkien might have written.

Even without videos the pages were packed with really useful information, so they’re now live finally.


All in all, it’s been fun to get our own house into order. One of the drivers for this redesign was a project that I’m currently working on to standardise various areas of web development here at St Andrews, including a standard coding framework, design guidelines and coding style. I needed somewhere to put them… and now I have.

Now… back to playing Asteroids, which I’ve just learned was made by Atari and not Konami.

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2 thoughts on "Website help redesign"

  • Paul Kelly
    Tuesday 24 July 2012, 3.11pm

    Good use of the Konami code :) I've never been brave enough to put it anywhere on our live site, although I have made several prototypes!

  • Paul Kelly
    Wednesday 24 October 2012, 4.01pm

    We've decided to finally sort out our office site too. The plan is to get it down from it's current 270 pages to the dozen or so that people actually look at.


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