Using Trello from within Microsoft Outlook 2010

Gareth Saunders
Thursday 4 October 2012
Trello board
Trello board

If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you’ll know that almost a year ago we moved our Agile board to Trello. It has been a great success.

Last year the University also moved both our email and meeting scheduling software to Microsoft Exchange. I’ve been a fan of Outlook since about 2000, first synchronizing it with  my Psion PDAs and then with a Windows Mobile smartphone. I do pretty much all my planning in Outlook. Or at least I did, until I discovered Trello.

So my question was: how can I use Trello within Outlook? Then I remembered Outlook’s little-used shortcuts feature.

  1. Open up a Trello page in your browser. It doesn’t really matter which browser. I’m using Google Chrome 23 beta for speed.

  2. Now drag a bookmark onto your desktop from the address bar .

Browser shortcut on desktop
Browser shortcut from Trello page on PC desktop.
  1. Next, open up Microsoft Outlook and click on the Shortcuts icon in the left-hand navigation pane; it has a shortcut key of Ctrl+7.
Shortcuts sits beneath Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Folder List
Shortcuts sits beneath Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Folder List
  1. Now drag the icon from your desktop onto the label “Shortcuts”. It won’t work unless you drop it right on the word “Shortcuts”.

  2. Next, right-click the new icon (which will by default show the URL) and select “Rename Shortcut” from the context-menu, to give it a more user-friendly name.

Adding a shortcut to the Outlook shortcuts list.
Drag the shortcut onto the Shortcuts label, then right-click to rename it.
  1. Click on the new shortcut link. Now you have Trello displaying within Microsoft Outlook. You can have as many shortcuts as you like, to as many boards as you like but remember you can always change boards within Trello too.

As far as I can see (using it’s using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 engine to render the page, so obviously if FogCreek Software stop supporting IE7 in Trello then this top tip will stop working.

Trello being displaying within Outlook 2010
Trello being displaying within Outlook 2010


If you want to take the Outlook/Trello integration even further you can now use Emello, which allows you to send emails directly to lists within your Trello boards. I’ve not used the service myself, but it certainly looks useful should you require that functionality, and the website looks slick and professional.

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14 thoughts on "Using Trello from within Microsoft Outlook 2010"

  • Andrewz
    Friday 14 December 2012, 10.55am

    excellent idea

  • jason
    Sunday 3 March 2013, 11.05pm

    Brilliant tip - still works well.

  • mica
    Tuesday 6 August 2013, 11.39am

    Thank you.

  • Bradly Sharpe
    Saturday 4 January 2014, 1.11am

    I've been developing a outlook addon to bring down any cards with due dates into an outlook calendar which will the sync with exchange/devices. I also have a couple of other projects you can find at that use the Trello API.

  • Roelof
    Tuesday 22 April 2014, 5.19am

    You don't need Emello anymore, Trello has the mail-to-board function built right in. Also, I guess they stopped supporting IE7 because I get a big banner stating 'Please upgrade your browser'.

    • Steva
      Monday 2 June 2014, 7.53pm

      Where is the mail-to-board function?

      • Gareth J M Saunders
        Tuesday 17 June 2014, 3.08pm

        Show sidebar > Menu > Email-to-board Settings... (just below Change Background...)

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  • johnantonacci
    Saturday 12 September 2015, 2.51am

    I don't see much use in doing this. Can I get emails into trello now?

  • Chris Padfield
    Thursday 21 April 2016, 9.36am

    You may also want to use to let you drag files or emails directly into Trello from outlook.

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  • Beverly Tremain
    Beverly Tremain
    Sunday 2 October 2022, 7.39pm

    I tried your trick for trello and asana and it would not work. It would tell me that the browser explore is not supported but I'm not using explore. I'm using google chrome. Do you think it might have somthing to with me being at a university and they are possible blocking it. I followed your instructions exactly.

    • John Chapman
      John Chapman
      Monday 3 October 2022, 9.58am

      Hi Beverly, thank you for your comment. This post is from 2012 so it is likely that Trello and have changed their processes. It might be worth checking to see if Trello provide updated guidance on connecting.


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