Study at St Andrews progress report: 19 February

Carley Hollis
Wednesday 19 February 2014

Hi all, Carley here again!

Today has been a meeting filled day, but one which has left us looking forward past the Study at St Andrews website and into the future, which is quite exciting.

Entrance requirements

This morning we had our weekly catch-up with Julie. One result of this meeting is that we have decided to remove some of the entrance requirements pages where the content is just not up to scratch. Our long term aim is to have a much better entrance requirements section and this is part of our phase two plan. In the meantime, we will be polishing the content we do have with the help of ELT.


We also had a meeting with the Scholarships and Finance teams. The main purpose of this meeting was to identify where the pages for PG research council funding should live, and a few other related issues. This was all solved relatively quickly, and the amends should be made by the end of tomorrow. The Scholarships team should now also have access to the back end of the new website.

Missing images

Whilst Duncan and I were in a meeting, Lewis was busy replacing the images which were still placeholders on the website. We’re now down to just one page which we still need to find an image for!


We have also received feedback from a few of our beta group, including some highly useful questions from Registry. I shall be endeavouring to respond to these and make the resulting website changes tomorrow.


A non-Study at St Andrews update, but also just a note to say that I have found a few items of content mysteriously ‘un-updating’ themselves, or showing as unpublished when I know they have been published in the last two weeks. On top of making me slightly paranoid, this is pretty frustrating. I am starting to log when I notice this happening to see if we (and the web team) and hopefully isolate the cause.


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