No more IE bug hacks

Gareth Saunders
Monday 28 March 2016

No more IE bug hacks

Last week I was speaking to a joint class of management and computer science students about our experiences of working with web standards through the years.

Someone asked me what difference Microsoft’s retirement of older browsers (IE 7 to IE 10) has made to our workflow.

It has made a lot of difference: it makes developing websites quicker as we no longer have to accommodate Microsoft’s previously opinionated and non-standard interpretations of specifications. We no longer have to write hack upon hack to navigate our way through the minefield of Internet Explorer browser bugs.

To give you an example of the efforts we used to have to go to, read this recent SitePoint article: Cleaning House after Internet Explorer which concludes:

Debugging code for legacy Internet Explorer versions used to be a complicated (and sometimes frustrating) process. We memorized the most common browser bugs and their counters. Position is Everything and Quirks Mode used to be at the top of our bookmark list. Fortunately, as the web continues its evolution, we are able to leave those days behind us and discard the obsolete tools and practices. Now it’s the time for a thorough house cleaning.

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