New design for MySaint, Moodle and MMS

Maria Drummond
Wednesday 29 January 2020

MySaint, Moodle and MMS have been updated with a new look and feel so they are more accessible and responsive on mobile devices. This update was made by the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) project team.

See the new design

MySaint system displayed on laptop

For students

In MySaint, you can now access online course materials found in MMS and Moodle directly from the ‘My Courses’ section.

Also, module results will now show upfront on ‘My Courses’. Being able to quickly access ‘top tasks’ such as module results, advising and matriculation information from the homepage is a feature which will be provided to students at key points in the year.

For staff

For staff, how you administer and deliver your online course material has been simplified. The ‘Academic Activities’ tab has been consolidated to display four sections and now merges all the features you need into one list for each module. This change was made following staff consultation.

Future changes

It is the project’s intention to enable students to access their learning materials through one seemingly seamless virtual learning environment (VLE) whilst in the background:

  • all learning materials (content) are delivered by Moodle, and
  • course administration (grades, coursework submission etc) is delivered by MMS.

Starting this semester, the TEL team will begin working with Schools to support the migration of learning content from MMS to Moodle and provide training for all staff. Changes arising from this third phase of the project will take effect from the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021.

Further technical changes which will take place over the next semester involve developing application programming interfaces (APIs) between MySaint, the new MySaint App and most of our University systems. This will allow administrative and academic notifications to be pushed out to staff and students.

Consultations have revealed that students prefer to have University notifications coming in to one place rather than through a range of channels. Requirements for notifications and their customisation will be gathered across Schools and Units in the coming months.

This update is part of ongoing project work from the TEL project team. If you have any questions or require support with MySaint, please email [email protected].

If you would like to be involved in future consultation, contact the Project Manager, Lindsay Wilson: [email protected].

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