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Nick Mullen
Wednesday 14 December 2022

All of our academic Schools websites have a number of web pages that display people profile information. These web pages are automatically generated by combining data from multiple sources and applying a standard layout.

The following information is intended for staff members wishing to update their profile pages.  The information on people pages is publicly accessible and has been optimised for searching. As such, any content published via people profile pages must be appropriate and relevant to the University.

It can take time for any change to cascade through our systems, please wait 24 hours before reporting an issue following an update.

Updating your information

If you would like to update your information please consult the following guide so your request can be efficiently dealt with.

For changes to the following fields please contact HR directly by requesting a change to HR data to [email protected]. Any change to this information will be subject to HR approval:

  • title
  • name
  • email
  • job title.

The following data elements are taken from the Pure research portal. This information should be updated within Pure. For a full guide to updating your Pure information please consult the School webpage guide

  • alternative name, known as
  • research outputs
  • biography
  • research overview
  • teaching activity
  • profile keywords.

Keep all text formatting to a minimum and ensure it is not copied and pasted from MS Word. In that way the content will appear as intended.

Please ensure that all the information is correctly formatted with valid mark-up and adheres to our accessibility standards. If you are unsure of our accessibility standards, please contact [email protected]

Some additional information is held within Terminal 4, this includes:

  • rooms
  • available times.

Please contact your schools computing office to update data within Terminal 4. Alternatively you can contact the Digital communications team by submitting a support call, requesting a change to availability by emailing [email protected].

Updating your profile image

Your profile images can be updated by going to Staff photos  or using the link in your Pure profile. Please ensure that your profile image adheres to Digital Communications guidance.

Removing your profile page

If you don’t wish to have your information displayed on the website please send a Remove my profile page request to [email protected].

Adding additional profiles

Additional profile pages can be requested for supplementary staff members such as visiting academics. If you would like to set up a profile page for a visiting academic please send request an additional profile page to [email protected].

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