Study at St Andrews progress report: 18 February

Duncan Stephen
Tuesday 18 February 2014

It has felt like a reasonably productive day today. I asked a professional about it as well, and she agreed.

Mobile design debugging

I spotted a couple of design issues in mobile view that hadn’t existed before. Some tweaks that we have made to the design over the past few weeks have turned out to have had undesirable unforeseen consequences on mobile, so I spent some time this morning picking that apart. Hopefully this fix hasn’t caused more unforeseen consequences!

Content spreadsheet

Carley and I have spent most of today fleshing out the new content spreadsheet. We have undertaken a full overview of the new website, and we now know that there are currently 506 pages on the new Study at St Andrews website. I imagine that’s much more than most people would think.

Depending on the decisions we take over the next few months, in the long run it could have many more pages… or many fewer.

I have also begun listing content owners for each item of content, and tomorrow we will set review dates as well. We are now beginning to have a full record of all the new content.

Carley is also using the spreadsheet to keep track of calls to action, which she will continue to add to the website.

Application form

Lewis and I had another meeting today about the new application form. It is turning out to be more complicated than we initially thought, but we are bowled over by the progress that has been made in such a short space of time.

Flexible learning

Carley has been working on a new flexible learning section that will launch as part of the new Study at St Andrews website.

Entrance requirements

Carley and I have both been looking at the new entrance requirements and country information pages. This is a very complicated section, and it is becoming clear that the content is not as good as we originally thought.

It is a shame that we will have to launch the website with the content probably in this state, but it will be one of our top priorities to fix as a ‘phase two’ mini-project after the website has launched.

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