Clickbait headlines

Duncan Stephen
Monday 21 April 2014

This blogger found Upworthy-style headlines very annoying. You’ll find his response utterly plausible

Upworthy-style (or you might think of them as BuzzFeed-style or simply clickbait) headlines are becoming increasingly common as content publishers strive to create headlines that will entice people to click their link. But while well-conceived headlines written in this style can drive more traffic, many people simply find them downright annoying.

CNN has experimented with this style of headline writing, but some of them misfired badly. This shows that you should always take care to ensure you strike the right tone, even if you are tempted to follow a formula that aims to drive more traffic.

This article is an entertaining look at the psychology behind clickbait headlines, and what it is that annoys people about them.

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