Getting the content right for millennials

Duncan Stephen
Thursday 26 March 2015

Millennials say the right content drives brand loyalty

The headline sounds positive, but the context is that the wrong content drives young people away. This is a reminder of the challenges we face communicating with our younger users who have grown up with digital embedded in their lives.

Of the respondents, nearly two-thirds (62%) said that the right online content does increase their brand loyalty. However, most are being turned off by the current content being offered to them. Just 32% believe modern brand communications are of any help to them. The type of content they are currently receiving is perceived as being too long, too sales-driven and ignores their individual cultural interests.

The good news for brands is that only 12% declared their active dislike for marketing communications. Therefore, brands that can engage Millennials through personalized, humorous, intelligent and helpful content have ample opportunity to drive loyalty and sales.