Why we collaborate

Duncan Stephen
Monday 18 May 2015

More collaboration equals more value

Part of the agile methodology the University is adopting for project work is about building collaborative, multi-disciplinary project teams. Gerry McGovern highlights why collaboration is so important.

For years, scientists have become more and more specialized in their areas of study and research. But if they are to achieve anything of worth they must collaborate with their colleagues. In 1978, the average number of authors per academic article was less than 2. By 2010, it was almost 5. You can’t solve complex problems on your own…

The Norwegian Cancer Society used to have 45 people contributing to their website who hardly ever interacted with each other, resulting in content duplication and 5,000 pages. Now they have six professionals who work very closely together. They have 1,000 pages and all of their key metrics of success are surging ahead. Less people, more collaboration, greater value.

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