Learning web development using Codecademy

Duncan Sanderson
Monday 23 November 2015

When I decided that web development was the type of job I wanted to do, I searched online to find a resource that could help improve my development skills. This was when I first discovered Codecademy.

Codecademy offers an online learning experience that’s free, interactive and different to most other tutorial web sites. The site currently has 16 courses teaching users a range of web development and programming skills with more courses being added regularly.


Each course runs through a series of detailed interactive tutorials allowing you to learn by doing. This allows you to pick up skills quickly compared to other tutorials where you need to read or watch the lesson before attempting it yourself. Every lesson has a task to complete before you can progress to the next one, these tasks can be completed while reading through the lesson and feedback is provided instantly as you type, there’s also a useful help section within each lesson if you get stuck. Each section within the course usually  starts by showing you the end product for that section, this can look a little daunting at first but it soon becomes clear as you work through each of the lessons.

Codecademy won’t turn you into a programming ninja but it does teach you the basics, giving you a good base to delve deeper into the world of web development.

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