Signing off the PGTs

Jennifer Hamrick
Friday 5 February 2016

As a part of the University’s strategy to increase postgraduate enrolment, the digital communications team has been busy creating new web pages for the taught postgraduate programmes offered at St Andrews.

Learn more about our digital prospectus business case.

As we move along, many people have asked us about our creation and sign-off processes. In this post, I will explain the content team’s system for creating and publishing the PGT course pages. (This is information about the individual course pages only and not the subject pages which will be created later.)

Step 1: content creation

Our content editors first start by creating a course page in T4. Using a generic PGT template created by the digital communications team, we put in all relevant information found from the Postgraduate Prospectus and the Schools’ individual websites.

Because this content is for the web, it is meant to be concise and easy to read.

Step 2: quality assurance

After we create a course page, we test it against our internal acceptance criteria. These criteria helps us ensure that all links are working and that the necessary information is in place.

Step 3: first sign-off

We often do not have all of the necessary information we need to complete a course page. In order to fill the gaps and make sure our content is correct, we create query pages for every course that we send to Publications for first sign-off.

Publications then confers with us to update the content with the correct and missing information.

At this point we also share the content with the PG Ops group, who take a look at the content to check that it matches what they know about the courses.

Step 4: second sign-off

Once the course page has met our acceptance criteria and has been signed off by Publications, we send the page(s) to the appropriate School for second sign-off.

This is the School’s chance to correct any mistakes and add important information that we may have overlooked.


Once the content team has created, tested and signed-off the PGT pages, we will hand them over to the development side of digital communications.

From there, the pages will go through the launch procedure where they will be published out onto the live website!

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